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  1. MNTornadoGuy

    Tornadoes on other Planets/Moons

    One topic that I find very interesting is extraterrestrial weather as it is so bizarre and unlike anything on Earth. I wonder if there are tornadoes or tornado-like vortices on other planets/moons. There are dust devils on Mars but those aren't true tornadoes. The only places in the Solar System...
  2. MNTornadoGuy

    Snow Tornadoes

    I found a rather interesting winter weather event from 2016, on 12/15/2016, a lake-snow effect band was ravaging the southwest shore of Lake Ontario. What was unusual about this band was that it was a prolific snow-tornado producer. At least three landfalling snow-spouts struck the area around...
  3. JayF

    Severe WX Enhanced Weather Threat Alabama, Florida and Georgia 15 Feb 2021

    Stay Weather aware in the Slight and Enhanced areas.
  4. MNTornadoGuy

    The 7/30/1978 Yellowknife NWT F2 Tornado

    On July 30, 1978, an F2 tornado occurred 50 miles NW of the city of Yellowknife. The tornado destroyed a steel transmission tower though some sources say it also damaged weakly-built buildings. Some sources also say that eyewitnesses reported seeing a mile-wide wedge tornado but I don't think...
  5. Shelby

    Which tornado do you think deserved an EF-5 rating?

    I love asking this question! I love hearing about possible EF-5 tornadoes and the damage indicators that might have been overlooked. Maybe a tornado that was struck an area so rural that an assessment was never properly undertaken. My pick (I might be biased because I live in Arkansas) was the...
  6. KoD

    Severe WX Severe Weather Event April 13-14, 2019

    We're less than a week away now and guidance points to an event with severe potential. There's a lot of details that need to be sorted out as some operational runs are depicting scenarios less favorable than it's ensembles suggest. We can detail the progress here as the event moves closer and...
  7. JayF

    Budget could take away 5 Million from SWIRLL

    https://www.al.com/news/2019/04/trump-budget-would-stop-alabama-tornado-research-study.html?utm_campaign=aldotcom_sf&utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&fbclid=IwAR3M13ffnS9pvmKDfMeW2NkWgrO_auujPrc_cvK4-dqwS9XisJjKnNXreBw A major federal tornado research project based in Alabama would be...
  8. jmills

    Severe WX Sunday March 3 Severe Threat

    Over the past day or two, the Euro has been consistent in depicting an embedded shortwave with associated surface cyclogenesis across AL/GA on Sunday. A broad warm sector spreads across the area and with a good amount of shear, it looks like severe weather, including tornadoes, is a good bet...
  9. Kory

    Severe WX 2/20/2019 Severe Threat

    While this doesn't look as potent as Saturday's system, a nonzero threat for severe weather exists tomorrow. While the CAD looks to hold strong in Central and East Alabama, places further south and west will have a warm sector that will be able to support organized surface based convection. In...
  10. jules

    Top 10 AL Weather Events?

    Hi everyone! Been lurking around this forum since 2002 (seriously!). I was wondering, what would you say are the top 10 Alabama weather events of the past 50 years, and in what order would you rank them in terms of historical significance?
  11. rolltide_130

    Severe WX Severe Threat 12/31

    Just realized we don't have a thread for this one. Looks like things have been steadily uptrending so I figured I'd post one to organize the discussion.
  12. bjdeming

    The Carr Fire Vortex

    Remember this from July? Was just reading in the news about a new paper on that. Excerpt from the news story: People here will probably understand that better than I do.
  13. rolltide_130

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat 11/5-11/7

    Since the Euro is starting to hint at potentially a widespread severe weather outbreak for next week, I thought I'd get this thread going as well.. This is concerning.. the November 2002 outbreak similarities to how this system looks so far is uncanny..
  14. A

    Tornado Alley may be shifting East

    The traditional Tornado Alley has seen less tornadoes over the past decade than Dixie Alley. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/1660803002
  15. KoD

    Severe WX April 12-15th, 2018 Severe Potential

    The dates may change, but the Euro is focusing in on a potential severe threat in the long range. Since there's been some consistency and much discussion, we can keep it focused on this thread.
  16. rolltide_130

    Archive Severe Potential 4/3-4/4

    A potentially dangerously active pattern during the month of April looks to get going with this upcoming system this week. While this currently doesn't look to be a higher end threat in itself (That comes with the next system..), this could potentially prime Dixie for the upcoming threats down...
  17. KoD

    Severe WX March 27-30th, 2018 - Localized Flooding/Slight Severe Potential

    We have another event shaping up for the Dixie alley region with a decent risk of high rainfall totals and a developing potential for severe weather. Looking at the rainfall totals and taking the least aggressive GFS op run for the day, we are looking at a good soak across a large swath of the...
  18. warneagle

    Severe Threat 5 November 2017

    Enhanced risk for parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio today. 10% TOR, 30% Wind, 30%+hatched Hail
  19. JayF

    Missed Tornado Warning

    Did anyone see the Tornado Warning issued for Cullman and Marshall Counties? http://www.al.com/news/huntsville/index.ssf/2017/09/tornado_touched_down_near_arab.html
  20. locomusic01

    The 20th Anniversary of the Jarrell Tornado

    Twenty years ago on this day, one of the most violent tornadoes in modern history devastated the small town of Jarrell, Texas. Most people on this forum are already familiar with the Jarrell F5, of course, but it's worth revisiting. I've got a blog post on the event that contains a recap and a...