1. S

    60 Years Ago Today...'Ruskin Heights' tornado

    - 44 killed (500+ injured) - 71 mile track - Debris spotted at 30,000 feet by pilots flying near the storm - Mail from Grandview, MO was found in Iowa (165 miles away)
  2. T

    Couple engaged in front of tornado

    Interesting choice. :D
  3. CheeselandSkies

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat 5/16-5/19, 2017

    I think this warrants its own thread at this point. 15% hatched MDT out for today, tomorrow upgraded from Marginal to Slight,* another round for the Plains looking likely on Thursday. *Not too often you see an unhatched slight risk outlook where the text mentions the possibility of strong...
  4. Equus

    Overshadowed and Overlooked Tornadoes

    On most outbreak days, there will be one or two tornadoes which go down as the 'landmark' tornado(es) of the event. May 3 1999 has the Moore tornado; April 27 2011 has the Tuscaloosa Tornado; April 26 1991 has the Andover tornado, and so on. There are very good reasons why such tornadoes become...
  5. S

    April 18th, 1880 - Springfield/Marshfield Tornado killed 99

    New write-up about the event that happened 137 years ago and killed 99 people. New damage photos included. Review of the overall outbreak in Missouri that killed 152 people that awful day...
  6. PerryW

    April 4th, 1977: A very tragic weather day in Alabama and Georgia

    On this date in 1977 a vicious F5 tornado struck the northwest side of Birmingham, Alabama killing 22 and injuring 130. The large tornado touched down four miles northwest of midtown Birmingham and moved northeast at 60 mph. Daniel Payne College was destroyed by the powerful tornado, but most...
  7. W

    April 3, 1974

    86 Alabamians lost their lives on this date in 1974. This state has always had bad luck in outbreak situations. We had the most fatalities in the Super Outbreaks of 1932, 1974 and 2011. We must remain vigilant and communicate with others.
  8. PerryW

    51 years ago Friday...the Candlestick (Jackson, Mississippi) F5 Monster

    51 years ago today was a horrific day in Mississippi weather history. Even though only 3 tornadoes occurred in the US on March 3, 1966, one of them was a large, violent, long track F5 monster that tore a path more than 200 miles long across central Mississippi and west-central Alabama. Dubbed...
  9. Lori

    Enhanced Fujita Ratings Debate Thread Please be respectful and mature, obey forum rules but it was brought up in the damage report for this last severe wx event and I think we had a big discussion on TW before the forum crash. I'd like to see some examples of what you think were...
  10. PerryW

    Where Violent Tornadoes Occur Most Frequently

    Just did a little research today into where EF4 and EF5 tornadoes have occurred the most frequently since 1950 and the results are quite interesting. I took eight large "tornado prone" cities and where violent tornadoes have struck in relation to them (within a 50 nautical mile radius) during...
  11. stormcentral

    Severe WX Severe Storm Threat 2/24-2/25 2017 Enhanced Risk Wind, Hail & Tornado Threats.

    The storm prediction center has issued enhanced slight marginal risks day 3. It appears the trough will bring threats for severe weather along and ahead of a strong cold front that will be moving by. #uswx
  12. K

    Remembering the March 2nd, 2012 Tornado Outbreak

    Here is a website on the 5 year anniversary of the March 2nd tornado outbreak