1. KoD

    Hurricane Delta

    Tropical depression twenty-six has become better organized and is now Tropical Storm Delta. This system is south of Cuba, near jamaica and is a potential threat to western Cuba, Yucatan and the US gulf coast. Current forecast has the storm venturing northwestward with NHC predicting upwards of...
  2. KoD

    Tropical Depression Tropical Depression Karen

    Euro & GFS show some interesting solutions in the long range. 12z GFS & 00z ECMWF have north motion until this weekend, then a westward shift towards the CONUS. GFS shows gradual weakening with time and the Euro has it strengthening into a hurricane & nearing or entering the GOM around the...
  3. Taylor Campbell

    Hurricane Hurricane Dorian

    Troprical Depression #5 has formed.
  4. Taylor Campbell

    Tropical Depression #3

    It looks bubbly. There’s a lot of deep convection firing. Conditions are favorable for further development.
  5. T

    Tracking Map/Chart

    I have searched the forum for this answer, so please forgive me if this is covered elsewhere. I am searching for a full Atlantic Basin tracking map/chart that has Lat/Lon shown to the tenth (or at least 2 tenths) of a degree (for precise tracking in line with NHC Advisories). I have the NHC one...
  6. S

    2018 Hurricane Awareness Tour May 10th in Montgomery

    If you are going to be in the Montgomery area on Thursday, May 10th, the 2018 Hurricane Awareness Tour is making a stop at the Montgomery Regional Airport from 2-5 pm. You can tour two hurricane hunter aircraft at this event. Flyer from NWS Birmingham: More information is available on the...
  7. Mike S

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season

    Colorado State University has released their 2018 Hurricane Season forecast. Nutshell - 14 named storms, 7 hurricanes, 3 majors.
  8. JayF

    Archive Former Major Hurricane Jose

    A tropical wave along the west coast of Africa is moving westward at about 15 mph. Environmental conditions could become more conducive for some development over the weekend while the system moves well south and southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands. * Formation chance through 48...
  9. S

    Archive Former Hurricane Katia

    Both the GFS and ECMWF have been showing some potential for tropical development in the western Gulf of Mexico late this weekend or early next week. It was mentioned in the 2 pm TWO from NHC (20% chance of development in 5 days): An area of low pressure could form over the southwestern Gulf of...
  10. Taylor Campbell

    Former Invest 92L Carolinas

    Thread for Invest 92L.
  11. Taylor Campbell

    Archive Historic Harvey (Tropical Depression)

  12. Taylor Campbell

    Archive Former Tropical Storm Emily

    Invest 98L is in the Gulf of Mexico.
  13. Taylor Campbell

    Invest 97L dead

    It's dead Jim.
  14. JayF


    NOAA has stated that the new GOES-16 will become either GOES-E or GOES-W by November. Which one would you rather see GOES-16 replace?