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  1. wolfywise

    Does anyone know who took this picture?

    It's a picture of the Minneola, Kansas EF3 on May 17th, 2019. I only ever saw this photo once, and it was the evening of the event after it lifted. I saved the image from the twitter because I thought it was very pretty to look at, but ever since I have not been able to find who posted the...
  2. MNTornadoGuy


    Photographs have recently come out showing damage from an EF1 tornado near Huntington Lake and an EF2 tornado near Mammoth Pool. Another interesting thing to note about this event is that this is the first time SPC Storm Reports have been used to report a pyrotornado. Huntington Lake EF1...
  3. Taylor Campbell

    Severe Weather 2020

    There’s been a big increase in GFS ensembles showing a significant severe event long range. A look at the EURO control also shows significant severe.
  4. Taylor Campbell

    Severe Weather Threat Today 11/30/2019

    I’m starting a thread for today’s severe weather threat. I figure it could be quite busy. Here is an interesting statement from the current Day 1 SPC outlook.
  5. locomusic01

    Significant Tornado Events

    (My apologies if there's already a thread in this vein; I checked but I didn't find one.) So, once upon a time, Talkweather was host to a pretty swell thread called "Significant Tornado Events." I'm sure some of y'all will remember. Full disclosure: I think I initially started the thread in a...
  6. SilentShadow87

    The May 3, 1999 Tornado Outbreak

    Today is the 20 year anniversary of what was probably the closest we'll ever get to the textbook tornado outbreak. There were 71 confirmed tornadoes, including many photogenic and beautiful ones, but also one of the most catastrophic tornadoes in recent history. This outbreak was also important...
  7. warneagle

    Severe WX Tuesday, April 30, 2019 Severe Threat

    I figured an Enhanced Risk with a 10% hatched tornado area deserved a thread of its own, even if it’s a rather localized and conditional threat. https://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/outlook/day1otlk.html (can’t post the images from my phone) There’s a still good bit of model spread on this. The...
  8. Kory

    Severe WX April 24 - 26 Gulf Coast Severe Event

    I suspect Thursday will be a run of the mill severe event. Nothing like the last couple of bigger events, but we should get enough instability and dynamics for some isolated severe.
  9. Taylor Campbell

    Severe WX Multi-day Severe Weather Threat 3/12-3/14/2019

    There’s a large enhanced risk today for parts of southeastern New Mexico, and west central/southwest Texas. The threat then shifts eastward tomorrow, and Thursday into the MS River Valley, Southeast, and Ohio Valley with a slight risk.
  10. jmills

    Severe WX Sunday March 3 Severe Threat

    Over the past day or two, the Euro has been consistent in depicting an embedded shortwave with associated surface cyclogenesis across AL/GA on Sunday. A broad warm sector spreads across the area and with a good amount of shear, it looks like severe weather, including tornadoes, is a good bet...
  11. Taylor Campbell

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat 11/30-12/2/18

  12. SilentShadow87

    Strongest tornado of 2018

    2018 will likely end up as the first year on record in which no officially-rated violent tornadoes occurred in the United States. This year has now beaten 2005 and entered unprecedented territory, and it has now been nearly 19 months since the last officially-rated violent tornado. With that...
  13. Taylor Campbell

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat 11/12/18

    The GFS, NAM, and EURO show a severe weather threat Monday, November 12th, but defer on how far the threat extends inland. The EURO has been adamant about getting it further north into central Alabama, and Georgia, whereas the GFS, and NAM have been hesitant to bring the threat inland until...
  14. rolltide_130

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat 10/31-11/2

    Its officially spooky week, which also marks the unofficial beginning of the Dixie Alley cool severe weather season and we have certainly some spooky weather to track. A potent and, if current trends continue, potentially significant severe weather threat exists for MS, AL, and TN as early as...
  15. SilentShadow87

    Damage survey sites?

    Not sure this goes in this forum specifically, but anyway. For my research paper on storm data which I'm writing this term at university, I've chosen to compare and contrast the original Fujita scale and the EF scale. One thing that I need for that is a site which shows damage surveys in detail...
  16. Taylor Campbell

    Severe WX Severe Weather threat for 7/19-7/22/18

    Models amplify a trough Thursday through the weekend across the eastern US. The jet configuration is healthy being that it's broadly stretched, and abnormally strong for this time of the year. It will filter in cooler air aloft resulting in steep lapse rates, and a strongly unstable atmosphere...
  17. Taylor Campbell

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat 4/6-4/7/18

    This looks like a pretty significant southward/ eastward advancing MCS event with a multitude of damaging wind reports.
  18. Austin Dawg

    A couple of questions to try to spark some pre-season tornado discussion.

    #1 Which Tornado was the strongest on record? OR Can you really say? I read through the older thread about the 20th Anniversary of the Jarrell tornado was brought back up on the board, so I thought I would share this list that I found recently...
  19. Taylor Campbell

    Severe Weather 2018

    A thread to discuss this year’s severe weather season.
  20. W

    April 3, 1974

    86 Alabamians lost their lives on this date in 1974. This state has always had bad luck in outbreak situations. We had the most fatalities in the Super Outbreaks of 1932, 1974 and 2011. We must remain vigilant and communicate with others.