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  1. warneagle

    Severe Threat 5 November 2017

    Enhanced risk for parts of Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio today. 10% TOR, 30% Wind, 30%+hatched Hail
  2. StormStalker

    Severe WX Marginal Svr risk 11/2-11/3

  3. KoD

    November 2017 Discussion

    It appears we have another taste of summer in store for most of us in the south east. Current forecasts show temperatures in the 70s for the next several days then after about a week, more cold fronts will slide in from the NW bringing us back to where we were in late October. November is...
  4. G

    Fall Severe Weather - 2017

    It looks like things are starting to happen with this fall's severe weather season. There is a day 3 outlook from spc. How do you guys think this fall will shape up?
  5. D

    Severe Weather Threat 6/12-6/13/17

    The SPC has issued a Day 1 Moderate Risk for parts of Wyoming, Nebraska and South Dakota, with a 15% hatched area for tornadoes. Not the best setup by a long shot, but I figure a moderate risk is worth a thread.
  6. CheeselandSkies

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat 5/16-5/19, 2017

    I think this warrants its own thread at this point. 15% hatched MDT out for today, tomorrow upgraded from Marginal to Slight,* another round for the Plains looking likely on Thursday. *Not too often you see an unhatched slight risk outlook where the text mentions the possibility of strong...
  7. Tyler Penland

    May Discussion

    Looks like we'll be kicking off May with a big temperature swing to the cooler side across the southeast. GFS/Euro actually show high elevation snow for West NC by Friday night with the ULL. Fun times ahead no doubt.... :)
  8. Tyler Penland

    April Discussion

    Noticed we don't have a general discussion for this month as so far it's all been in the severe threads. WWA out for the TN border counties tonight for a good April snow. North GA mountains might actually see some flurries. With any luck I'll squeek out an inch or two here at the house.
  9. GTWXAlum

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat 4/5/17-4/6/17

    It seems like with the potential of this event increasing over the past couple of days a separate thread would be a good idea. I didn't see this posted anywhere else, but here's an excerpt from Matt's AFD from Birmingham: "Substantial instability could develop Wednesday afternoon, and this...
  10. StormStalker

    March Discussion

    March is just around the corner. Has Spring officially made its arrival or will ole man winter make his final appearance?