severe weather

  1. gaikkeb

    SPC Severe Weather Categories VS WSBTV

    I've had these questions for a while and I wonder if others have had them as well. I love weather and so I make sure I'm as educated about all types of weather as I can be but when the general public needs to be informed things should be uniform to protect life and integrity. Why would WSBTV and...
  2. Taylor Campbell

    Severe Weather Threat 5/8-5/13/17

    Several areas of severe risk through the week. A threat exist for us on Friday.
  3. Taylor Campbell

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat 5/3-5/4/17

    Severe weather happening now, and should continue into tomorrow. Tomorrow's threat is looking pretty good.
  4. S

    WVTM 13 Live Doppler Radar

    For those of you in the central Alabama TV market, it looks like WVTM 13 is debuting a new Doppler radar tomorrow night. It is a little surprising to me as WVTM 13 always seems to be behind the curve when it comes to severe weather coverage. But it will be interesting to see how their coverage...
  5. Taylor Campbell

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat 4/26-5/1/17

    The idea seems to be firmly entrenched that things are going to become quite noisy, and violent in the mid-section of the country during this time period.
  6. Bama Ravens

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat: April 21-23, 2017

    Looks like we have a potential threat for this weekend, so let's get a thread going.
  7. Taylor Campbell

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat 4/2/17-4/3/17

    This threat is poised to be more significant and widespread than yesterday's severe threat. And probably one of the more significant ones along the Gulf coast states since the early February tornadoes in Louisiana. I would have felt much more confident putting a day 4 and 5 30% out for this...
  8. JayF

    School Closings March 30 2017

    Lawrence, Limestone and Marion County Schools are releasing at 1 PM.
  9. JayF

    Schools releasing early due to severe weather

    What are your thoughts on schools releasing early due to severe weather? Limestone County Schools released early today even though the severe weather doesn't appear like it will be in North Alabama until 5 PM. Do you think schools should let out early or do you think they should shelter at...
  10. Kory

    Severe WX Severe Weather Event 3/28/17-3/31/17

    After this weekend's occluded trough kicks out, we're going to have a few days of return flow and atmospheric recovery with a flow out of the Gulf. All models are indicating a large scale trough ejecting from the Plains into the MS Valley Wednesday into Thursday. Latest trend in the models...
  11. Meteorologist Bobby Best

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat 3/23-3/27 Weekend or Whatever

    I know that we're still 5 plus days out, but someone has to start a thread.... What are everyone's thoughts on the VERY late March 24 through March 25, 2017 event? Based on Helicity values, I'm thinking more a strong straight line wind event, maybe even some hail, but I just don't think, at...
  12. Taylor Campbell

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threats 3/9-3/10 2017 (Thursday-Friday)

    SPC has an enhanced risk out mostly for southern MO and a lengthy slight risk into the TN valley. They are considering an expansion at 20z. The environment and models favor a rather robust MCS well into the night.
  13. Bama Ravens

    Severe WX Severe Threat - 3/7

    From BMX:
  14. Kory

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat 2/27/17-3/2/17

    Models are beginning to latch onto large scale troughing and some disturbances that will be riding in the overall low amplitude WSW 500mb flow. Monday afternoon/evening/night looks to feature a threat of severe weather across MS/AL/LA. This threat is a little more hazy, but soundings pulled...
  15. stormcentral

    Severe WX Severe Storm Threat 2/24-2/25 2017 Enhanced Risk Wind, Hail & Tornado Threats.

    The storm prediction center has issued enhanced slight marginal risks day 3. It appears the trough will bring threats for severe weather along and ahead of a strong cold front that will be moving by. #uswx
  16. Taylor Campbell

    Severe Weather Threat 2/14-2/15/17

    Kory has mentioned it in another thread, but I'm going to start a thread of its own. Several states from Texas to Georgia will be at risk of severe weather tomorrow into Wednesday. SPC has an enhanced risk out for much of southeast Texas.
  17. Taylor Campbell

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat 2/6/17-2/8/17

    Plenty of variations showing on models in the jet configuration, and with other stuff, but there's a threat for a wide area with any. The GFS has shown several point soundings supportive of tornadoes in MS, AL, and TN late Tuesday. ZCZC SPCSWOD48 ALL ACUS48 KWNS 031000 SPC AC 031000...