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severe wx

  1. JayF

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat July 18 - 21 2023

    Interesting Setup for today. This is the time period where we see fewer of these types of setups in the south. I am interested to see how this plays out. Stay Weather Aware y'all. -Jay
  2. Bevo

    Sunday, April 2nd - South, SouthEast

    Things have escalated quickly over the last 24 hours for north Texas, going from a marginal threat to now an enhanced risk with the DFW metro in the bullseye. Figured it would be prudent to make a thread. There is a 30% hatch now for large hail and wind within the enhanced risk as well as...
  3. MNTornadoGuy

    Volcanic Thunderstorms

    One of the most interesting volcanic phenomena is volcanic thunderstorms. I'm not talking about regular volcanic lightning produced by dry ash plumes but actual wet deep convection produced by volcanic eruptions. They are usually associated with phreatomagmatic and surtseyan eruptions. Some...
  4. MattPetrulli

    Severe WX Severe Threat 27-28 March 2021

    Day 2 ENH with 10% tor risk across West TN and day 3 slight across VA/NC
  5. MattPetrulli

    Severe WX Severe Threat 25 March 2021

    SPC has put out a day 4 risk for 3/25/21 NAM, GFS, Euro all paint some type of significant severe risk however there are some big timing and location differences for Eastern LA through southern AL. Here's SPC discussion ...DISCUSSION... ...Day 4/Thu - Eastern TX to the Central Gulf Coast...
  6. warneagle

    Severe WX Severe Threat 17-18 March 2021

    A thread for the potential severe weather event this coming Wednesday. I might need to go back and add Thursday since there's some potential for trouble along the east coast before this moves off shore, but for now, the SPC hasn't outlined a threat area so I'll just include 17 March in the...
  7. Bevo

    Severe WX June 6th-June 8th Severe Weather Threat

    Looks like severe weather in the north will pick back up again over the coming days. The updated risks from the SPC on Day 3 (7 AM Sat. 6/6 - 7 AM Sun. 6/7) are notable--Day 3 enhanced with a corridor of significant severe forecast in Montana and the Dakotas. Weather Twitter has their eyes...
  8. JayF

    Severe WX December 16-17 2019 Severe Weather Outbreak

    Looking at the model data I am thinking that NE Mississippi, Central to North Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee are the highest chances for severe weather come Monday. IF the models are correct and I realize we are 5 days out, the Chattanooga area is going to be hardest hit. Let's...
  9. JayF

    Severe WX October 25 - 26, 2019 Severe Weather Event

    Several Tornado Warnings this morning from Mississippi and into Alabama. the NWS just issued another one for Mobile.
  10. JayF

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat 23rd - 25th March 2019

    Day 4-8 Convective Outlook NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK 0306 AM CDT Wed Mar 20 2019 Valid 231200Z - 281200Z ...DISCUSSION... Early in the period, a weakening, negative-tilt mid-level trough will migrate northward across the central Plains away from a gradually...
  11. CheeselandSkies

    Severe WX Severe Weather Threat 5/16-5/19, 2017

    I think this warrants its own thread at this point. 15% hatched MDT out for today, tomorrow upgraded from Marginal to Slight,* another round for the Plains looking likely on Thursday. *Not too often you see an unhatched slight risk outlook where the text mentions the possibility of strong...
  12. Lori

    Severe WX Damage Reports 3/1-3/2

    Post them as you read or experience them..... This is from Reed Timmer....listen to that roar!!
  13. Lori

    Severe WX Severe Weather Awareness Week 2/19-24th 2017

    Governor Robert Bentley has declared February 19-24th, 2017, as Severe Weather Awareness Week in Alabama. The National Weather Service, the Alabama Emergency Management Agency, and other supporting organizations ask for your help in providing the public with information about severe weather...