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  1. bjdeming


    Yes, Katmai/Novarupta, but if anything does happen, it is most likely to be along the lines of that 1950s Trident eruption. Still, read that intricate info statement thoroughly. And my blog post last month, along with sources listed in it, can give you more general background (and icy video in...
  2. MNTornadoGuy

    Activity at Taal

    Taal has been displaying increasing activity recently with very high SO2 emissions (that peaked at 23,576 tons/day on Oct 16), and 1-3 km tall steam plumes. There has been some volcanic tremors and inflation too...
  3. MNTornadoGuy

    Volcanic Thunderstorms

    One of the most interesting volcanic phenomena is volcanic thunderstorms. I'm not talking about regular volcanic lightning produced by dry ash plumes but actual wet deep convection produced by volcanic eruptions. They are usually associated with phreatomagmatic and surtseyan eruptions. Some...
  4. bjdeming

    La Palma/Cumbre Vieja Volcano in the Canaries

    There is an intense seismic swarm (Spanish) ongoing here, and they just raised the alert level to Yellow this afternoon. There's special excitement on the Internet about this because of featured news back in the 00's about a megatsunami hitting the US East Coast -- particularly Florida -- after...
  5. bjdeming

    Yellowstone Volcano news

    Only the second one of these points is recent, but I came across both of them today while working and figured everybody could use some good news. The hotspot may be on the decline...
  6. Mike S

    Taal Volcano erupts in Philippines

    From CNN.com.... Some pictures in the link below https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/12/asia/gallery/taal-volcano-eruption/index.html
  7. WesL

    Askja Volcano (Iceland)

    Spotted this story in my feed this morning. Looks like Askja is causing some concern in Iceland and across the European continent. https://www.express.co.uk/news/weather/1203851/europe-weather-forecast-warning-volcano-iceland-earthquake-latest-update
  8. bjdeming

    Sicilian Volcano Stromboli Has Big Eruption Unexpectedly

    Stromboli is very active -- enough to give its name to any kind of gassy, rather pretty but usually low-level eruption. But today it had a big one; per news reports, at least one person is dead. Here's an update from a reliable source. (INGV is the monitoring agency.) Dr. Krippner's...
  9. S

    Local Weather and Temperature Calendars

    I have scoured the internet for a solid published source or website to derive my own statistics and potential preliminary conclusion upon the effect of long-lasting eruptions (2 week+) on local weather (temperature specifically) changes. Nothing. (Immensely perplexed how no geology PHD student...
  10. bjdeming

    Popocatepetl Volcano (Mexico)

    I don't know if people here will enjoy this, but it's worth sharing since everybody here is interested in communicating natural hazards and warning people in order to save lives and property wherever possible. What would you do if a volcano near 25 million people had been having a low-level...
  11. bjdeming

    Red lava

    Is anyone else missing the sight of flowing fire rivers, now that Kilauea is either paused or settling down? Just found this gorgeous thing in my Twitter feed--an Alaskan volcano. Got any more images/videos of red lava, anyone? (Update: AVO clarified in a later tweet that the video was taken...
  12. JayF

    New Super Volcano Discovered

  13. JayF

    Volcano's, Earthquakes, Hurricanes Oh My.

  14. JayF

    Guatemala's Fuego volcano

    The last report that I heard was that 69 people were killed and hundreds injured.
  15. JayF

    Hawaii Volcano Kilauea

    1700 people evacuated.
  16. WesL

    Mount Agung - Bali

    Vulcanologist (has to be the coolest and geekiest scientist title ever) are fairly sure that Mt. Agung in Bali will be erupting in the next few days. After visiting Mount St. Helens earlier this year I have a new found appreciation for how much destruction volcanoes can cause. Will be...
  17. JayF

    Bogosolf Volcano Eruption

    Volcano: Bogoslof (VNUM #311300) Current Volcano Alert Level: WARNING Previous Volcano Alert Level: WATCH Current Aviation Color Code: RED Previous Aviation Color Code: ORANGE Issued: Monday, August 7, 2017, 10:53 AM AKDT Source: Alaska Volcano Observatory Notice Number: Location: N 53 deg...
  18. JayF

    Park Ranger discusses Yellowstone and Uptick in earthquake activity

  19. JayF


    Preliminary Earthquake Report Magnitude 6.0 Date-Time 28 Jun 2017 18:20:54 UTC 29 Jun 2017 06:20:54 near epicenter 28 Jun 2017 12:20:54 standard time in your timezone Location 30.419S 177.671W Depth 10 km Distances 131 km (82 miles) S (172 degrees) of Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands 1059 km...
  20. JayF

    Bogoslof Volcano Eruption 27 June 2017

    volcano: Bogoslof (VNUM #311300) Current Volcano Alert Level: WARNING Previous Volcano Alert Level: WATCH Current Aviation Color Code: RED Previous Aviation Color Code: ORANGE Issued: Tuesday, June 27, 2017, 3:52 AM AKDT Source: Alaska Volcano Observatory Notice Number: Location: N 53 deg...