Yellowstone Volcano news


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Only the second one of these points is recent, but I came across both of them today while working and figured everybody could use some good news.

  1. The hotspot may be on the decline.
  2. This past week, the USGS reported that at least one of Yellowstone's "Big Ones" didn't happen all at once.

Indeed, if humans had been present to witness the HRT [Huckleberry Ridge] eruption, they likely would have considered it to be multiple smaller eruptions, given the months to decades between major eruptive events.

These findings change the way we think about the massive Yellowstone explosions—rather than single large events, they may be composed of multiple smaller events, and this would have significant implications for our understanding of these eruptions and their impact on the landscape.

So, bad, even from a 2020 perspective, but not the short-term near extinction event over days shown in this excellent 2004 docudrama scenario.

Happy Saturday! :)