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  1. bjdeming


    Yes, Katmai/Novarupta, but if anything does happen, it is most likely to be along the lines of that 1950s Trident eruption. Still, read that intricate info statement thoroughly. And my blog post last month, along with sources listed in it, can give you more general background (and icy video in...
  2. bjdeming

    Yellowstone Volcano news

    Only the second one of these points is recent, but I came across both of them today while working and figured everybody could use some good news. The hotspot may be on the decline...
  3. S

    Local Weather and Temperature Calendars

    I have scoured the internet for a solid published source or website to derive my own statistics and potential preliminary conclusion upon the effect of long-lasting eruptions (2 week+) on local weather (temperature specifically) changes. Nothing. (Immensely perplexed how no geology PHD student...
  4. bjdeming

    Red lava

    Is anyone else missing the sight of flowing fire rivers, now that Kilauea is either paused or settling down? Just found this gorgeous thing in my Twitter feed--an Alaskan volcano. Got any more images/videos of red lava, anyone? (Update: AVO clarified in a later tweet that the video was taken...