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I have scoured the internet for a solid published source or website to derive my own statistics and potential preliminary conclusion upon the effect of long-lasting eruptions (2 week+) on local weather (temperature specifically) changes. Nothing. (Immensely perplexed how no geology PHD student hasn't published this yet. There seem to be a dozen+ papers that somehow haven't been written across half-a-dozen scientific and pseudo-scientific fields that somehow haven't been researched/published yet. Mind-boggling...)

Can anyone find a scholastic paper which denotes a change or lack there of in local temperature changes in long-lasting eruptions (such as Iceland or Hawaii) based on comparative analysis of 5-20 years on either side of the eruption and the period of the eruption? (i.e. 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull; Was there a significant change in local weather for the cities of Skogar, Vik, or even Selfoss which is nearly 100km away [too far to be considered local]?)

Likewise, can anyone find an online calendar system that show the highs/lows for each day of the year for a major city in nearly EVERY country (at least 1 city) from 1980 forward? (1950 forward would be even better). No "averages," hard numbers only; likewise, USA only is inconsequential.


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