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  1. Kory

    Hurricane Hurricane Laura

    Future Laura is looking good this morning out in the Atlantic. This one has the potential to be the most threatening storm of the season so far to the mainland U.S. Conditions look nearly perfect for strengthening once it gets north of Hispaniola with an upper-level anti-cyclone and 30C+ water...
  2. Mike S

    2019 Hurricane Season

    And so it begins.......
  3. JayF

    Archive Former Major Hurricane Lee

    Another tropical wave, located south of the Cabo Verde Islands, is producing a large area of shower and thunderstorm activity. This system has become much better organized since yesterday and could become a tropical depression during the next couple of days before upper-level winds become less...
  4. JayF

    Archive Former Major Hurricane Maria

    A tropical wave located about 800 miles southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands is producing disorganized cloudiness and showers. Environmental conditions are expected to be conducive for gradual development of this system, and a tropical depression will likely form early next week while it moves...
  5. Mike S

    2017 Hurricane Season Discussion

    Per the NHC: