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Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Pretty crazy day yesterday transpired in only an hour and a half, in which Tuscaloosa officially received 4.39 inches. That wasn't even close to radar estimates which indicated close to 6 inches fell in under two hours. Lots of flooded cars, water in businesses both downtown and toward UA's campus. Had my flooded car towed to the dealership to hopefully salvage something...but this isn't my first rodeo with flooded vehicles being from NOLA.

I'm not one to critique the NWS, but man they really dropped the ball on the warning yesterday. The initial flash flood warning was issued at 5:34, but flooding pictures began on social media over 30 minutes prior. Not sure if BMX is trying to cut down on false alarm ratio for all weather warnings, but yesterday was pretty inexcusable. This is the second time this has happened since April.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama
There's gotta be a semi-permanent boundary or convergence zone running right over the city. Stationary storms over Tuscaloosa day after day.
Well I've had my fill of rain for July. I can't afford to lose the rental car to flooding as well. If I do, my next purchase will be a sit-in kayak from Academy.

Some places are pushing a foot since last Friday.
Silver Spring, MD
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Meanwhile up here we've been dry as a bone for a couple of weeks. I know the folks up in Ellicott City are happy not to have to think about flooding but we could use some rain. It's starting to look pretty brown around here.

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