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April 13, 2022 * 508 posts * 37,338 views
MattPetrulli said: New day 1 expands Moderate to the north, pretty strong wording in discussion [image] ...SUMMARY... Numerous severe thunderstorms appear likely today across a large part of the ... Read more >>
April 08, 2022 * 5 posts * 201 views
Lake Martin EF4 said: Right there in the title, state what you think the biggest bust of recent times is. My vote? May 20, 2019 Oh yes. The HRRR and NAM showed an extraordinary day with many, many, ... Read more >>
April 11, 2022 * 9 posts * 276 views
Jacob said: I appreciate the kind words. It'll be interesting being on the opposite side of major storm systems here. With all the talk of tornadoes and severe weather the next few days, the ... Read more >>
April 09, 2022 * 686 posts * 35,280 views
buckeye05 said: I really wish people wouldn't immediately freak out every time the preliminary rating is lower than expected. Yeah, sometimes WFOs don't upgrade from the preliminary wind speed ... Read more >>
April 07, 2022 * 1 post * 89 views
TWBot said: Click here to view on the web Highlighted posts April 4th-6th, 2022 Severe Weather Threat April 05, 2022 * 623 posts * 31,420 views General Weather Discussion April 11-15?, 2022 ... Read more >>
April 13, 2022 * 713 posts * 41,873 views
Equus said: Brings it perfectly into line with the 3/25 tornadoes last year in regards to tree damage, awesome to see. Read more >>
April 09, 2022 * 239 posts * 19,343 views
Equus said: Actually very much on the subject in the 4/5 thread about preliminary ratings sometimes being changed before Storm Data, very unexpected update from BMX tonight on the Boley Springs ... Read more >>
April 13, 2022 * 8 posts * 591 views
bjdeming said: Yes, that was the one that woke everyone in the 21st century up. I remember that one video where a little English-speaking kid in Thailand was yelling "Tsunami!" while adults were ... Read more >>
April 11, 2022 * 283 posts * 8,898 views
gregassagraf said: Hi everyone. I'm a bit overwhelmed with College, so I'm having little time to check out this forum. But this week since we are having the "fall break", I'll have more time. So ... Read more >>
April 14, 2022 * 233 posts * 27,570 views
KevinH said: Welcome to the weather. It is not the exact science people think it is. I am not trying to be rude, but your comments (across this forum) always come off as a bit trollish. Perhaps ... Read more >>

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