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Athens, Georgia
Here is what happened today.

I had been watching the storms on Radarscope, and about a few minutes before the warning was issued, we lost Internet. So I was standing over at one end of the table, and Brit was checking the Twitter feed. She saw the NWS Atlanta tweet about the tornado warning, and she actually initiated the "Get everyone to the shelter". I folded up equipment, started unplugging everything and supervisors were getting everyone to the shelter. Phone calls were being made to people.

Like I tell everyone, tornado warnings here have been very rare here. Aside from the March 2008 event, this was the only spring event that we actually had to go through the tornado plan. Looking at the polygon (we listen to Spann when he "speakth", BTW), it was clear whatever was coming was coming our direction, but we weren't sure of whether we were "legally" in the warning.

A few people did disagree with what we did. Brit has a little more authority than I do, but I backed her up. I would have made the same call, but probably would have loaded up GRLevel to actually confirm this. She made the call based on the Tweet and the map that was posted.

BTW, this may have been the first ever actual springtime tornado warning for my location in the fifteen years that I have been living here.


Burning Hams
Anybody want to share thoughts on what tomorrow is looking like? I can look at radars and models, but actual pronostication is still well out of my lane.

Austin Dawg

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Leander, Texas
Definite line forming. Storms moving SW to NE with the line slowly moving east. Hail looks to be the primary threat here on the southern end of the line with some tornadoes spinning up to the north. I guess it doesn't have enough death and destruction or climate change implications for TWC to weigh in tonight.

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