Severe WX Damage Reports 3/1-3/2 (1 Viewer)

Lenexa, KS
The Trenton/Culbertson tornado? I'm inclined to agree; it caused some of the most impressive granulation of debris ever recorded along with the Jarrell tornado, and was most likely an F5, although it caused no F5-level damage to buildings, leading to a rating of F4. Interestingly enough it occurred exactly two weeks after another extremely violent tornado in Pecos County, Texas, which was likely also of F5 strength, but rated F4.
Yeah the tornado in Pecos County, Texas on June 1, 1990 actually rolled 300,000 lb oil tanks several miles, produced some of the most extreme scouring of the ground ever documented, and I believe it sucked the cement and pipes out of a culvert

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