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  1. MNTornadoGuy

    Tornadoes on other Planets/Moons

    One topic that I find very interesting is extraterrestrial weather as it is so bizarre and unlike anything on Earth. I wonder if there are tornadoes or tornado-like vortices on other planets/moons. There are dust devils on Mars but those aren't true tornadoes. The only places in the Solar System...
  2. WesL

    Launch Schedule for week of January 13, 2020

    A few items of interest for this week. Jan 14 - Multiple payloads on a Long March 2D rocket 8:53 pm central China will be launching multiple payloads via a Long March 2D rocket from their Taiyuan launch facility. Jan 16 - Eutelsat Konnect and GSAT 30 on a Ariane 5 rocket 3:00 pm central...
  3. WesL

    Launch ArianeGroup Flight 250 Launch (26NOV2019)

    Ariane 5 is set for a launch in about an hour from now. They have a livestream on Facebook (embedded below). This flight will launch two satellites in orbit... TIBA-1: The civil and governmental communications satellite will be stationed at the 35.5 deg East longitude orbital slot position...
  4. WesL

    Launch Soyuz 2-1v launch for Russian MoD (

    Forgot to the post this yesterday but the Russians just launched a rocket yesterday with a classified Ministry of Defense payload that a few sites are describing as a space surveillance mission. In June 2017 there was a similar launch that included a satellite that actually deployed another...
  5. WesL

    PLEASE READ Welcome to All Things Space

    Welcome to TalkWeather's new All Things Space forum. As someone who grew up just outside of Huntsville, AL (aka Rocket City, USA), I've always had a fascination of anything related to space. I've noticed over the years that quite a few members of TW have the same interests so I think this is...
  6. KoD

    Space Thread

    Who else is extremely excited/interested in Ultima Thule and the New Horizons fly by? The new images of the double lobes are immensely fascinating.
  7. JayF

    Space Force Space Port

  8. JayF

    Newly Discovered Galaxy Without Dark Matter 'Shouldn't Be Possible,' Astronomer Says

  9. WesL

    ZERO-G Experience possibility in Huntsville (July)

    Greetings all. One of my friends has like the best job ever. She flies with ZERO-G Experience helping passengers experience micro-gravity. Today she shared with me that she is working on an opportunity to get a flight based out of Huntsville, AL in July. If the flight takes place it will be...
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