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ZERO-G Experience possibility in Huntsville (July)


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Greetings all. One of my friends has like the best job ever. She flies with ZERO-G Experience helping passengers experience micro-gravity. Today she shared with me that she is working on an opportunity to get a flight based out of Huntsville, AL in July. If the flight takes place it will be in July during the U.S. Space and Rocket Center's Space Camp Summerfest weekend. Traditionally this event includes a concert and lots of fun space related activities (including the possibility of our weather station dedication, more on that soon). I told Tara I would reach out to all my friends so here is the info. If you have questions, leave them here and I'll ask her to join us or use her contact info in her message.


"Tara Sweeney is fielding interest for a ZERO-G Experience® in Huntsville, AL, on July 14, 2018. Tara is a Space Camp Alum and serves as a Flight Attendant and Coach for ZERO-G. For planning purposes, this flight opportunity coincides with the 2018 Space Camp SummerFest weekend. A minimum of 20 registrants is required for this parabolic flight opportunity to be confirmed. The registration deadline is December 31, 2017, at which point the flight will either be confirmed or cancelled. Participant payment accounts will not be charged until the flight is confirmed. The ZERO-G Experience® is $4,950.00 + 5% tax, for a total payment of $5,197.50 per person. ZERO-G will contact all registered participants prior to processing payment. A Registration and Payment Form is attached. Please return the completed form to Tara Sweeney via Facebook Messenger or contact her at 702.808.7724 for additional information.”


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