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  1. Mike S

    KHTX Radar Down For Two Weeks - Starts August 22, 2022

    Hopefully this will lessen the downtimes this radar seemingly has at least a couple of times during each severe weather season.
  2. N4GKS

    What is going on with KHTX Radar?

    Seems to be down more than working.
  3. Gail

    Weather radar for 2018

    This is a pretty awesome compilation of the radar for the US for every day of 2018!
  4. L

    Weird weather on radar near the ky

    these circles show up and disappear one at a time...weird.
  5. Austin Dawg

    Recommendations please

    What are the best desktop weather and radar apps for the Mac desktop? I have Radar Scope and Storm Radar on my phone but I was looking for apps on my computer.
  6. Mike S

    KHTX & KFFC radars down (KFFC for a few weeks)

    KHTX is down until further notice. Wonderful timing. And then there is this from Atlanta......
  7. S

    WVTM 13 Live Doppler Radar

    For those of you in the central Alabama TV market, it looks like WVTM 13 is debuting a new Doppler radar tomorrow night. It is a little surprising to me as WVTM 13 always seems to be behind the curve when it comes to severe weather coverage. But it will be interesting to see how their coverage...
  8. PerryW

    April 4th, 1977: A very tragic weather day in Alabama and Georgia

    On this date in 1977 a vicious F5 tornado struck the northwest side of Birmingham, Alabama killing 22 and injuring 130. The large tornado touched down four miles northwest of midtown Birmingham and moved northeast at 60 mph. Daniel Payne College was destroyed by the powerful tornado, but most...
  9. xJownage

    Grlevelx help?

    Okay, so I need some advice and help. Unfortunately, I am unable to use the grlevelx owners forum because I no longer have access to the email with which i originally purchased the product. I stored the activation code like a good little boy (i was literally 15 when i bought analyst), but...
  10. Casie

    Radar Question

    I changed jobs and thus the radar program I had downloaded and used previously isn't on my new computer at my new job. What is the name of that radar that does the 3d look at the storm. I'd like to download it again. GRWLX or something like that?
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