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gulf of mexico

  1. warneagle

    Tropical Depression Tropical Depression Marco

    Title of this one will probably have to be changed to Marco in a few hours, but I figured I'd go ahead and get it started.
  2. Mike S

    1943 Surprise Hurricane

    I was never aware of this storm. A Gulf storm during WWII that featured government censorship and the first ever hurricane hunter. Click here! Admin edit - Added open source text from Wikipedia - WesL
  3. Kory

    Hurricane Hurricane Barry (Gulf of Mexico)

    We’ve got invest 92L tagged over the Southeast US. Model consensus has this developing in the Gulf. But these ULL set ups can be tricky (induced shear that causes center reformations, etc). Lots of model watching to see where the center develops, redevelops, etc.
  4. bjdeming

    M4.5 off Louisiana coast

    It surprised a seismologist, too!
  5. S

    Archive Former Hurricane Katia

    Both the GFS and ECMWF have been showing some potential for tropical development in the western Gulf of Mexico late this weekend or early next week. It was mentioned in the 2 pm TWO from NHC (20% chance of development in 5 days): An area of low pressure could form over the southwestern Gulf of...