Severe Weather 2019

Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Brad Travis mentioning may need to watch next Saturday in North Alabama. Huge temp swing from near 70 to near freezing for highs in 24hrs. What are the models showing?
Euro/UKMET would probably be a marginal severe weather event. Another high shear/low cape kind of event Saturday into Saturday night. But yes, we'll probably go from mid 60s Saturday during the day to near or below freezing for most of Sunday across Dixie.
Harvest, Alabama
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Fairly sizable slight risk with 5% TOR (although I'd be kind of surprised if any serious tornado activity takes place that far north).

Well the 5% doesn't typically account for serious activity. If anything I wouldn't be too surprised to see an upgrade in S AL, FL, and SW GA if trends continue. The 0z suite is painting a somewhat ominous picture for tomorrow down there..

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