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  1. Kory

    2019 College Football Season

    The Road to 18 starts with a Nick Saban hip replacement Monday.
  2. jmills

    Severe WX Sunday March 3 Severe Threat

    Over the past day or two, the Euro has been consistent in depicting an embedded shortwave with associated surface cyclogenesis across AL/GA on Sunday. A broad warm sector spreads across the area and with a good amount of shear, it looks like severe weather, including tornadoes, is a good bet...
  3. JayF

    Severe Weather 2019

    I hope everyone had a great evening last night and rang in 2019 while celebrating the achievements and good times of 2018 while also remembering times that not have been so good in 2018. We do not become better by forgetting the past but learning from it. May God bless every one of you this...