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Thank You, Wes, for allowing me to post this here.

Last year I did this challenge. I came up just a bit short on Mileage because well I wrecked my bicycle working toward this. But we did raise the goal of 500 dollars for my fundraiser last year. I would like to meet or exceed what we raised last year. I also have a different bike and I am ready to hit the road. In September we ride and I will be riding to get every bit of that 250 miles in September.

But this fund raiser isn't about me. It is about children who are diagnosed with cancer. This is to bring awareness and to give families hope. Last year I rode for a Young Lady Lilly Graham. Unfortunately she did win that battle, but the funds raised go to help these children and their families fight hard. I am riding in remembrance of Lilly this year. She is in Heaven, enjoying the scenery with Jesus but here on earth we Remember how special this young lady was to her family and friends.

So would you join me in donating to this great cause. You can visit my Fundraiser on Facebook or you can go directly to the page.


Great Cycle Challenge:

Either way you donate, this money goes to research and helping families fight cancer.

Thank you and I hope you have a blessed day.

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