1. JayF

    Riding to Fight Kids Cancer

    If you are a Bicycle Rider There is still time that you can sign up, get some donations and ride to Fight Kids Cancer. Because I have some really great friends and family who have donated to my ride, a Beautiful young Lady named Lilly will have her picture displayed in Times Square today...
  2. T

    My Dad has cancer

    This past Saturday morning, my Dad had severe abdominal pains, and whenever he tried to urinate, it was quite painful and there was blood in the urine. He was sent to the hospital, and scans found that one of his kidneys has a cancerous lump the size of a fist in it. His urinary troubles were...
  3. PerryW

    My cancer is back. Thanks for your love and friendship!

    Doctors told me last week the aggressive cancer in my lower abdomen is growing rapidly, and there's nothing they can do to stop it. They don't believe I'll live more than a few months at most. I believe in miracles but also reality of aggressive stage 4 cancer. I accept God's will...