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Rant: Kudos to Meteorologists for putting up with idiots


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I think we have all seen the situations when a forecast goes bust. Schools, businesses and governments make decisions based on forecast provided by well educated forecasters. Those professionals are basing the forecasts on the best weather information they have access to and yes sometimes Mother Nature throws a curve-ball. I understand at that point how people get upset. As a former defense contractor I often felt the pain of taking forced vacation because the office would close for these bust events but I knew that forecasting isn't an exact science.

But what really bothers me is when forecasters are passing on urgent potentially life-saving weather information and people start getting upset about missing a sporting event or tv show. Below is the tweet of Katy Morgan (FOX 17 in Nashville). She handled a recent severe weather event that involved flooding and tornadoes during the ever popular FOX show The Masked Singer. In her tweet she shows a graphic of some of the comments she got during and after the severe event. In my personal opinion, I value life over a stupid TV show but I consider myself reasonably normal.

With that in mind, I invite everyone to take a moment and send a tweet, fb post, email or letter to your local meteorologists letting them know that despite all the idiots out there, there are people that truly appreciate their efforts. Feel free to post your tweets and posts below as well.