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  1. WesL

    Rant: Kudos to Meteorologists for putting up with idiots

    I think we have all seen the situations when a forecast goes bust. Schools, businesses and governments make decisions based on forecast provided by well educated forecasters. Those professionals are basing the forecasts on the best weather information they have access to and yes sometimes...
  2. WesL

    Thank you to KoD

    When severe weather approaches the south, TW has traditionally been hit with a large amount of traffic. The days leading up to March 19 are no exception and we anticipate that traffic to continue to grow in the next few hours. At this time our TW Technical Admins have launched additional...
  3. Lori

    Happy National Weatherperson's Day 2017

    We appreciate you and understand it's not easy having to put out forecasts to the public when things don't pan out. You actually save lives or just let us know what days to make plans! Thank you...
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