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Highlighted posts from Thursday, Apr. 29, 2021


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April 25, 2021 * 76 posts * 3,048 views
TH2002 said: A large 15% risk area has been featured in the D4-8 outlook since D7 with the SPC mentioning a dryline supercell setup. Windy models are in good agreement that at least a few supercells ... Read more >>
April 24, 2021 * 67 posts * 5,246 views
brianc33710 said: Yeah BMX just issued warning for SW Blount & NE Jefferson Cos. That includes me. Severe Thunderstorm Warning Severe Thunderstorm Warning ALC009-073-242200- /O.NEW.KBMX.SV.W.0067.210424T2135Z-210424T2200Z/ ... Read more >>
April 24, 2021 * 4 posts * 169 views
Matt Grantham said: Some of you on this forum met my dad, David, at the forum meetings. I just wanted to let you know he passed away this evening. Read more >>
April 26, 2021 * 3 posts * 100 views
bjdeming said: This is waay down there, so ?? any weather effects. A deep-water river as big as the Mississippi is cool, though. [link] Read more >>
April 28, 2021 * 11 posts * 363 views
_melody_ said: I think they should keep them. I think that the more forms of warnings there are the better. There are a lot of people who live on farms in that area. If someone is outside working, ... Read more >>
April 22, 2021 * 1 post * 72 views
TWBot said: Click here to view on the web Highlighted posts Guess what day it is? April 20, 2021 * 7 posts * 134 views Off Topic Severe Weather Threat April 23-24, 2021 April 22, 2021 * 4 ... Read more >>
April 22, 2021 * 31 posts * 1,043 views
bjdeming said: Yesterday they summarized the eruption to date in a live Zoom press conference that later made its way to YouTube. It's worth listening to, if you're following events on St. Vincent, ... Read more >>
April 27, 2021 * 7 posts * 504 views
Casuarina Head said: The recent spate of inactivity could certainly lend some credence to this thread. Read more >>
April 22, 2021 * 26 posts * 1,166 views
bjdeming said: This isn't one of the biggies, and in fact, the phenomenon has been observed when Kilauea's lava was entering the sea (and probably elsewhere at various volcanoes), but it's cool ... Read more >>
April 25, 2021 * 470 posts * 55,229 views
tennessee storm chaser said: A negative pna is a major factor in a severe weather pattern . Now where that will fake place depends a lot on Atlantic ridging how strong it becomes .... Read more >>