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  1. MNTornadoGuy

    Snow Tornadoes

    I found a rather interesting winter weather event from 2016, on 12/15/2016, a lake-snow effect band was ravaging the southwest shore of Lake Ontario. What was unusual about this band was that it was a prolific snow-tornado producer. At least three landfalling snow-spouts struck the area around...
  2. G

    Winter 2019-2020 Discussion

    Early next week an arctic blast is coming through. GFS is showing lows next Wed morning (Nov 13) in the upper teens for N AL. With it's cold bias we probably won't see temps that low, but 22°-24° readings are likely. Welcome Ole Man Winter
  3. rolltide_130

    Winter WX Winter Weather Mischief 12/8-12/10

    Well it looks like we have a little bit of an interesting storm signal for the region next weekend into early the following week. Models have hung onto the ideal of a coastal low for quite some time, but the Euro is really ratcheting up the threat with some optimal temperatures on the 12z run...
  4. MattW

    First substantial cold shot 11/13-11/15

    The GFS verbatim would have freezing temps all the way to the gulf coast next week for two nights in a row. I can't wait!
  5. Austin Dawg

    The probability of an El Nino this fall and winter has increased greatly.

    http://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/analysis_monitoring/lanina/enso_evolution-status-fcsts-web.pdf So what effects may this have on fall or severe winter weather? Tornados, snow, ice, late hurricanes, flooding... and how may it affect the following spring. Just a weather novice looking to...
  6. Kory

    March 2018 Discussion

    Cautiously watching those severe warned storms over in East and Central MS moving ESE. I always find right movers produce some big hail.
  7. rolltide_130

    Potential Significant New Years Cold Outbreak

    There seems to be slowly growing confidence in a potential cold snap around the new year for a lot of the eastern U.S, reminiscent of those cold outbreaks of 2014 and 2015. If some of the GFS guidance verifies, we could absolutely shatter some daily record lows across parts of the southeast...
  8. KoD

    November 2017 Discussion

    It appears we have another taste of summer in store for most of us in the south east. Current forecasts show temperatures in the 70s for the next several days then after about a week, more cold fronts will slide in from the NW bringing us back to where we were in late October. November is...

    February Discussion

    Since we're nearing the last few days of January, it's time to look forward into February. Currently, global models suggest times of cool/cold periods (especially first half), and potential energy flying all around. Let the discussion begin.