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tornado outbreak

  1. CheeselandSkies

    March 31, 2023 Chase Reports Thread

    Putting this here so I can include the full summary without it getting lost in the main event thread. @ashtonlemleywx and others can put theirs here, too if desired. After botching several golden opportunities to see a spectacular, significant tornado going back to at least 2014 (or 2005 if you...
  2. locomusic01

    Significant Tornado Events

    (My apologies if there's already a thread in this vein; I checked but I didn't find one.) So, once upon a time, Talkweather was host to a pretty swell thread called "Significant Tornado Events." I'm sure some of y'all will remember. Full disclosure: I think I initially started the thread in a...
  3. CheeselandSkies

    What Defines a "Super" Outbreak of Tornadoes?

    Starting it here so as not to derail the event thread for next week... I agree. Palm Sunday 1965 and March 21, 1932 are hot on their heels but not quite in the same league. Are there any other outbreaks known to have a double-digit count of violent (E/F4+) tornadoes?
  4. D

    25th Anniversary Palm Sunday Tornado Outbreak

  5. SilentShadow87

    April 26, 1991 Tornado Outbreak

    Today is the 27 year anniversary of one of the most intense Plains outbreaks ever recorded in April. The outbreak was very similar to the 4/14/2012 outbreak in terms of overall conditions, timing and location, but with many more strong/violent tornadoes. The best known tornado from this...
  6. S

    April 18th, 1880 - Springfield/Marshfield Tornado killed 99

    New write-up about the event that happened 137 years ago and killed 99 people. New damage photos included. http://www.ozarksalive.com/marshfield-cyclone-nearly-blew-town-away/ Review of the overall outbreak in Missouri that killed 152 people that awful day...