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  1. KoD

    Hurricane Delta

    Tropical depression twenty-six has become better organized and is now Tropical Storm Delta. This system is south of Cuba, near jamaica and is a potential threat to western Cuba, Yucatan and the US gulf coast. Current forecast has the storm venturing northwestward with NHC predicting upwards of...
  2. KoD

    Tropical Depression Tropical Depression Karen

    Euro & GFS show some interesting solutions in the long range. 12z GFS & 00z ECMWF have north motion until this weekend, then a westward shift towards the CONUS. GFS shows gradual weakening with time and the Euro has it strengthening into a hurricane & nearing or entering the GOM around the...
  3. KoD

    Severe WX March 27-30th, 2018 - Localized Flooding/Slight Severe Potential

    We have another event shaping up for the Dixie alley region with a decent risk of high rainfall totals and a developing potential for severe weather. Looking at the rainfall totals and taking the least aggressive GFS op run for the day, we are looking at a good soak across a large swath of the...
  4. WesL

    The Calm Before The Storm

    https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/calm-storm-trump-makes-cryptic-remark-military-dinner-n808266 Hmmm wonder what that is all about.