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site upgrade

  1. WesL

    TalkWeather Forum Upgrade 09APR2019

    In the interest of providing a more stable platform during high usage events, an upgrade was performed on the forum software last night. This update along with updates to our web servers will help to ensure that TalkWeather is able to handle large user loads without having to disable popular...
  2. WesL

    PLEASE READ Upcoming Forum Downtime 31AUG2018-01SEP2018

    UPGRADE SUMMARY TalkWeather Forums will be offline from 31AUG3018 11:00pm (central) until 01SEP2018 12:00am (1 hour) Updates during and after the upgrade will be posted at https://blog.talkweather.com Good afternoon everyone, Tomorrow evening (31AUG2018) at 11:00pm central, we will begin a...