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  1. G

    Las Vegas Shooting

    Terrible tragedy on innocent people. I know i've argued this point in times past on this forum, but I will never understand why citizens need fully automatic weapons that hold 30 rounds or more per clip. I pray for the victims and their families and hope this never happens again, but if the...
  2. Bama Ravens

    Active Shooter Situation at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville.

    Prayers out, hope everyone is safe.
  3. G

    Congressman Shot

    Congressman Steve Scalise (R) from Louisiana and some members of the security team have been shot early in the morning at a baseball park near Alexandria VA. Scalise and other colleagues were practicing for the Congressional baseball game which was to be played at the Nationals Park later this...
  4. WesL

    Dad shoots naked boyfriend caught hiding in daughter's closet...

    I vaguely remember when this went down but had forgot about it until this week when the trial got underway. The link to the full story from WAFF is below but here is the quote from the story that sums it up nicely... "Prosecutors say 50-year-old Fitzgerald McQueen caught the teenager in the...