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  1. MattW

    First substantial cold shot 11/13-11/15

    The GFS verbatim would have freezing temps all the way to the gulf coast next week for two nights in a row. I can't wait!
  2. KoD

    January 2018 Discussion

    Happy new year everyone! We have a very cold beginning to 2018. A weak vort max over N AL/ S mid TN is giving some of us snow flurries and a light dusting in N AL as far south as Cullman, which should dissipate this afternoon. Elsewhere, high pressure will build over the coming days which...
  3. rolltide_130

    Potential Significant New Years Cold Outbreak

    There seems to be slowly growing confidence in a potential cold snap around the new year for a lot of the eastern U.S, reminiscent of those cold outbreaks of 2014 and 2015. If some of the GFS guidance verifies, we could absolutely shatter some daily record lows across parts of the southeast...
  4. G

    Early December Surprise Winter Storm

    Things may start to get interesting after Dec 10. Looks like there's potential in the long range to get a big western ridge with some blocking which would let the cold air pour into the SE. Hope this confirms and then we get some upper level energy to form and ride through the cold air.
  5. Tyler Penland

    May Discussion

    Looks like we'll be kicking off May with a big temperature swing to the cooler side across the southeast. GFS/Euro actually show high elevation snow for West NC by Friday night with the ULL. Fun times ahead no doubt.... :)
  6. StormStalker

    March Discussion

    March is just around the corner. Has Spring officially made its arrival or will ole man winter make his final appearance?
  7. stormcentral

    Winter WX Light Snow 1/29-30, 2017

    Clipper system to bring light snow to parts of E TN, N GA and SW NC. Flurry watch!
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