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april 27 2011

  1. CheeselandSkies

    What Defines a "Super" Outbreak of Tornadoes?

    Starting it here so as not to derail the event thread for next week... I agree. Palm Sunday 1965 and March 21, 1932 are hot on their heels but not quite in the same league. Are there any other outbreaks known to have a double-digit count of violent (E/F4+) tornadoes?
  2. Lori

    April 27, 2011.....7 years later and it still hurts!

    "Dear God this tornado is still on the ground and a mile wide...people please go underground....don't worry about pictures or video....pray for these people....major damage in Hueytown...." This is one of many statuses I posted on Facebook that day.... I still get emotional thinking on this...
  3. J

    4/27/2011 Pleasant Grove, AL damage

    Good afternoon everyone. First time posting. Like many of you I am fascinated by weather, particularly severe weather (severe thunderstorms, derechos, tornadoes, microbursts, etc). Growing up in AL, I mean how could you not be. I tell my wife (who grew up in GA) that in Alabama there are 2...
  4. MichelleH

    Archive Severe threat April 26-27, 2011

    This thread is a real-time re-creation of the April 27, 2011 event thread. Posts in this thread will be made at the same date and time as the original thread in 2011. Replies will not be allowed in this thread, instead we ask that you use the April 27, 2011 discussion thread instead...