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Considering his record in the last 7 games each year he’s been coach is 8-13, he might as well pack his bags now. We won’t make the tourney like that.
It's honestly a question of whether or not he resigns or we have to fire him and fork over the buyout money.. once Cecil Hurt starts calling for your head, you're done. He's the closest thing we have to the official insider voice.
Moody, AL
Well, I’ll reserve my comments until I see how the team responds the next few games, but there’s a difference in losing, and losing with terrible effort.

And that’s two straight games that the team looked like it was a burden to them that they even had to show up to play.
And right on cue, the team comes out with good energy two straight games, including a good win at South Carolina tonight.

Even though I don't think Johnson is the long term solution, if he manages to sneak back into the NCAAT again, it will be enough to earn himself another year in my eyes.

Might only need to win 1 of the final 3 games to do enough to sneak in, but Bama will probably be underdogs in all 3 games.


Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Avery Johnson couldn’t even go visit the state’s top prospect in person. Sent assistant coaches. The man has checked out. A loss tonight ends his season as 1-6 in the last 7 games. At this point, eat that freakin buyout, Byrne. Other SEC schools continue to pass us up.


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