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  1. rolltide_130

    College Basketball 2018-2019

    Literally made this thread to talk about WTF that was in the second half against Georgia State. Absolutely embarrassing. I'm completely done with Avery Johnson.
  2. barcncpt44

    TalkWeather March Madness 2017 Pick'em

    Since no one has created it yet, TalkWeather now has the 2017 version of the Pick'em March Madness Challenge. Jacksonville State and Troy University are the only two schools from Alabama to make the dance, can either school get past the first game? And will Villanova repeat as champs? Click...
  3. WesL

    Crazy Louisiana Tech vs UAB game last night...

    So apparently a fight of sorts broke out and the Louisiana Tech team cleared the benches and ended up having all but 4 players being ejected. UAB had players ejected as well. Although UAB one the game 79-70, Louisiana Tech's 4 remaining players outscored UAB 20-16 in last six minutes of the game.