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Corvallis, Oregon
April 27 2011. I had always watched weather, but this got me more into that and being a Ham Radio operator. I wanted to before but after hearing the stories how Ham Radio was used to help the local agencies with communications, I went and got my license.

Snowmaggeddon 2014. My wife worked at the Madison Hospital during this, and still had to be at work. It took us an hour to drive there because the roads were iced over. Luckily I had a 4 wheel drive truck to help out some.

The 2010 Nashville flood. Opry Mills closing for almost 2 years and the Grand Ole Opry sustaining major damage. The Cumberland River was at its highest point since the Dam was put in place in the 60's

Sandy in 2012
The Hawaii Volcano Kilauea
The California Wildfires of 2017

These are the ones that bring the most memories to me for that decade.

I had forgotten Sandy til you mentioned it, though I was living in upstate NY at the time; Irene was intense there, too. Odd how something that bad passes out of your thoughts over time.

The tragedies of 2011 are something else. I hope nothing like that happens again for a long time.

I wasn't there then but I was in West Central Alabama for the 2005 hurricane season - they just kept coming!

Personally, it's a decade where I've experienced the majesty of Southern weather - every summer sunset, for example, or seeing cumulus towers collapse over Mississippi fields - to my current setting. Love it, even the rain, but even thunder hardly ever happens!

That's quite a range.


Caledonia, MS
I mentioned 4/27 - that was the scariest and the one that stands out the most.

The snow storm of 2015 was the most fun. I’ve never seen this much snow at once, and unless I move from Mississippi, I’m not likely to again. It was amazing...just didn’t last long enough. 38FC607A-59BC-4143-90D6-D6EEAD0C4840.jpeg
The most meaningful for me personally:

1. April 27, 2011 tornadoes - nothing comes remotely close. Thankfully we were not affected directly; although, the Cordova EF-4 crossed I-65 just a few miles north of where I live. I helped clean up our assistant pastor's destroyed home in Pleasant Grove, which was an experience I will never forget.

2. 2/25 to 2/26/15 snowstorm - We had 7 to 8 inches of snow at my location from this storm, which is one of the heaviest snowfalls I have ever experienced. We were at the very southern edge of where the heaviest snow fell, which also makes this memorable. Driving out of my community to the south, the accumulation dropped dramatically with each mile. Just a few miles south, only a couple of inches fell.

3. January 2014 Icemageddon - Have to concur on this one. My location was the NORTHERN edge of the affected area for this storm. I work in Decatur (unaffected) and had to park my car at the base of the "mountain" where we live because driving in my community was impossible. So weird to see such a tiny amount of snow cause such dramatic travel problems.

4. 2/12 to 2/13/14 snowstorm - Just a few weeks after icemageddon, we had five inches of snow at my location. I never would have believed this storm would be eclipsed one year later, as this was one of the most memorable snowfalls I had experienced.

5. January 2011 sleet storm - I think I have the date correct on this one. I have an odd lack of digital photos from this time period. After a long drought without major snow or ice events other than 1-2 inch minor experiences, this one crippled us for a few days. I remember anticipating snow, but receiving a big pile of mostly sleet a few inches deep.


Athens, Georgia
1. Winter Storm Benji - Traveled to Tuscaloosa on that day, and had a very snowy ride. Almost didn't make it.

2. April 27, 2011 - Obviously, though when it got here, it was an overnight event.

3. The Center Point tornado of 2012. Came right through where we experienced 9/11.

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