West Virginia TV Met Charged with Battery in Fight with Anchor (1 Viewer)


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According to the Charleston Gazette Mail, one of WSAZ's on-air meteorologists, Chelsea Ambriz, has been charged with battery. The charge comes after an altercation with station anchor Erica Bivens last Sunday. Bivens claimed that Ambriz hit on her husband and when confronted, Ambriz shoved her causing both to fall in a bar area. Bivens received a ruptured eardrum and skull fracture as a result of the fight. Ambriz is expected to be in court on September 21, 2018.

From the police complaint
Upon my arrival to the scene, my complainant/victim was in bed 13 and was identified as Erica Bivens. Erica stated that she had been out for The Girl’s Night Out Celebration that was held at the Charleston Civic Center earlier that night and then her husband [redacted] decided to go out for more drinks afterward. Erica went on to say that they ended up at the Broadway bar on Leon Sullivan Way and ended up running into a co-worker (Chelsea Ambriz) of Erica’s. Erica advised that she had problems with Chelsea in the past as far as her being aggressive toward her. Erica said that her and her husband didn’t think anything of it until later in the evening Chelsea began to hit on Donald. Donald told Chelsea that he was not interested in her and went back over and stood with Erica. Donald mentioned to Erica about what had just happened with Chelsea and so Erica went and confronted Chelsea about it. Erica said that Chelsea then became irate and began to shove Erica causing both of them to fall over in the bar area.

Erica told me that her ear drum had been busted in her left ear which was causing it to bleed and a large knot on the side of her head. She advised me that she would be having a EKG scan done while at the hospital to see if there was anymore internal damage.


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