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Volcanoes, ENSO, and the India monsoon (1 Viewer)


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There's this new paper out:

I don't know enough about meteorology to say anything about it (don't get me started on what they call LVE's, though*** ).

There is ongoing debate/controversy about volcanic effects on weather and climate, including but not limited to sulfur aerosols in the stratosphere.

I'm not sure how much consensus there is on how those may affect ENSO, let alone India's monsoon.

From the geological viewpoint, Clive Oppenheimer explained some of the more important complex details in plain English (mostly) in his 2011 book, Eruptions That Shook The World. Fortunately, part of it is online as a free preview:

He also goes into some of the complications that make climate forcing so difficult to understand, let alone predict.

It doesn't have to be a supereruption, either. This was a VEI 3 blast from a high-sulfur-content Kurile Islands volcano:

And when another high-sulfur-content volcano erupted a couple months later, this time in Papua New Guinea, many parts of the world got purple sunsets.

But SO many factors are involved!


*** Exhibit A:

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