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United States launches missiles at Syrian base (1 Viewer)


I think it's imperative that the United States never turns a blind eye to the kind of criminal activity that took place in Syria this week. And yes, I believe Assad used chemical weapons. He's done it before with what consequences? The question isn't 'why would he?' the question is 'why wouldn't he?' And not turning a blind eye means doing something. Drawing red lines in the sand and then doing nothing to back it up is something we've done already. For years. It showed weakness on our part and emboldened those sick enough to even contemplate the notion. No. Donald Trump did the right thing here. It was a message and one the world needed to hear. And long overdue. The problem isn't entering senseless wars. The problem is entering wars with no political determination and will to win them. In fact, I would argue Obama wanted to diminish our standing in the world and he aptly succeeded. My problem isn't entering wars, if they are just and noble. My problem is entering wars with a half-heart and lack of resolve and that's what we've been doing for far too long. And that is what I think leaves a bad taste in people's mouths because without the resolve to win - we lose. No dictator should ever be allowed to gas his own people. Period. I don't even understand debating that. It should be a basic human inclination to not allow it. We are all human beings. That is what links us to those across the globe. Standing up for humanity is a responsibility. One we don't always like, but it is ours nonetheless. We've seen a world where the U.S. doesn't lead. We tried going that route. How are we better off for it? How is the world better off for it? The world is not a safer place with us drawing stupid lines and then retreating when someone crosses them. And for those wondering what we stand to gain if we pursue going further with Syria, maybe the question should be, what do we stand to lose if we don't? Cliche or not, it bears repeating: Evil prevails when good men do nothing.
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Nolensville, TN
I don't know how many use Tapatalk here, but every time I look at my feed now, the photo of the dead Syrian children comes up for me from this thread... which makes me nauseous, quite frankly. Anyway to change this? Maybe someone can post some less disturbing images to make it go away.

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