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Tornado thrift store finds!


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Wasn't sure where to post this thread though I decided posting this here would be best. If I'm mistaken please let me know!

Anyways, I would like to share two recent acquisitions from two different thrift stores that are tornado-related. As I have the collector's gene and like to collect memorabilia related to my interests and hobbies, these were hard to pass up.

The first thing I picked up two weekends ago was Twisters: Nature's Fury! on VHS for the price tag of $1. I was just able to test these tonight when I finally got some working A/V cables for my VCR. Have both of the tapes and they work perfectly! Obviously most of the footage and the tapes themselves can be watched in their entirety on YouTube and whatnot though I like owning physical copies of things. Has a LOT of great vintage tornado footage including some I hadn't seen previously like the 1971 Kona, HI tornado.

Also picked up McGraw-Hill Meteorology Third Edition today. Found this at another thrift store for $7. Very interesting to see how meteorologists interpreted tornadoes back in 1965 (the year the book was published). Talks about how the pressure difference in tornadoes can cause structures to "explode" outward (which has long been disproven) and that some tornadoes have wind speeds up to 500 mph. 500 mph seems like a little bit of an overestimate to me! In all fairness though, like I said tornadoes were poorly understood back then and there's also a lot of cool pictures and information about not just tornadoes, also plenty of other meteorology-related phenomenon.

Any similar finds at your local thrift stores?


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