Today is my 20th Anniversary of being a TalkWeather Member!!! (1 Viewer)


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20 years y’all!!!! Yet there are others that have been here a bit longer!!!
What a ride this has been!!!
It’s always amazing to look back at how many changes can happen in all those years. Sad, glad and bad times but so many of you have been here for me and I’ve made lifelong friendships that I cherish and have learned so much about weather!!

We’ve been through a lot together: births, deaths, marriages, divorces, illness, I’ve literally watched some of y’all grow up on here..we were still feeling the aftermath of 9/11 when I joined...we worried about Laci Peterson, despised Casey Anthony, experienced Shock and Awe attack on Iraq, went through elections, social changes, Olympics, Superbowls, NBA, World Series, Holidays, The horrific outbreak of 2011, Tsunami in Indonesia and Japan, Earthquakes, the heartbreaking loss of forum members, Covid and so many, many events. For weather geeks like us, we’ll always have something to focus because there will always be weather to analyze, enjoy, fear and to talk....

Love y’all and God bless each of you!

Mama Lori

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