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The Tennessee Valley Weather Team needs your help! (1 Viewer)

Fred Gossage

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Florence, AL
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Hey guys, it's Fred Gossage here. We are in the beginning stages of putting together a community volunteer Weather Watcher Team for the Tennessee Valley Weather Channel. Do you have a strong interest in weather and want to help your community? Do you have weather sensor equipment so that you can automatically and electronically record and measure daily temperatures and rainfall (rainfall can be a non-electric rain gauge if it measures to 0.01"). Are you a trained storm spotter? If some of these things describe you, you can help us make the Tennessee Valley a bit safer when severe weather threatens!

If you are interested in possibly becoming a member of our new and coming community volunteer Weather Watcher Team, just contact me via the contact methods listed in the image. I ask that you PLEASE use only those two methods of contact for the following reasons:

1. I need to have a private conversation with you concerning what type of weather sensor equipment you have, your general eligibility each day, and other such things.
2. If you try to contact me by sending a private message to our Facebook inbox or in the page comments, we don't always get notifications for that, and I may end up accidentally missing your message! You are very much free to comment on our Facebook post to tag other people, ask us further questions about this, etc., but an actual application process to make you eligible for the team will *ONLY* happen via either the email or Twitter accounts listed in the attached graphic. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with that!
(For you TalkWeather folks here, I will accept an initial contact via this threat IF we follow up via email so that we can have the conversation talked about in Point #1.)

The counties highlighted in yellow on the attached map are our official viewing area counties. However, we also need weather watchers from the blue highlighted counties so that we can get reports and information from incoming storms to our west, southwest, and northwest... and for the possibility that we may expand the viewing area and add more counties in the future.
**Please note the eligibility requirements listed in the chart. In addition, if you have a HAM radio license, you a proficient at monitoring scanner traffic, or you are an experienced and trained spotter in the area that either does mobile spotting or responsible chasing, we would also definitely like to speak with you!

When we get our Weather Watcher Team together and organized, the reports that you send to us will be used for daily verifications of forecasts across our area, daily temperature and precipitation reports will be used in weathercasts when possible (which will be daily or nearly so), and storm reports and information you send to us will be shared on air during severe weather coverage AND with local/area emergency management offices, area National Weather Service offices, and other local media friends and partners via the NWSChat system that our weather team participates in for coordinating with the NWS.

Together, we can keep our viewers, followers, and listeners better informed, better prepared, and safer when severe weather threatens our area. We look forward to hearing from you!

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