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Greetings all! One of the things that several of us have spoke about is the importance of bringing back some of the more historic threads such as 4/27 thread. At this time we are seeking 3 volunteers that will be paired up with a moderator/admin to help restore these threads.

Volunteers for this project must be able to work as a team and be able to help design and follow a detailed plan. There is a chance that this project will be expanded based on the results of the first thread restoration.

To give you an idea of what will happen, once the first thread to restore has been decided on, the team will seek to log the information and graphics, setup shifts and a protocol to ensure that no post is missed. At that time a special restoration forum will be created where we can all watch manual restoration progress. Once the restoration is complete we will move the thread to the appropriate forum.

If you have time and are interested please leave a note below. I'll have a follow up announcement about which admin/moderator will be leading the effort later on.
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