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It is interesting to watch general trends in the technology industry.

Many are wondering if the PC is "dead" due to smartphones (and HAVE been wondering for the better part of a decade now), but I can say with certainty that is not the case - at least for now. Personal computer ownership has been pretty steady in the United States since around 2008 (Statista), and the number of "smartphone-only" Internet users has actually been declining since 2019 (Pew Research Center)

There are also many things that still require a computer and likely will for a LONG time. Mobile devices do not offer the expandability and upgradability that desktop or even laptop PC's feature, and it's probably gonna be a while before factories can run their industrial supply line off an iPad.

At the same time, some folks over at the Vintage Computer Forums have estimated that by 2025 or so, the average American household won't even need or use a traditional PC anymore. Not sure how much I buy into that though considering current trends in the industry, but anything could happen I suppose.

Anyone have any thoughts?

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