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Need some help destroying stuff...


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If you follow my Facebook feed you might know that I'm type 2 diabetic. Earlier this year I finally made the transition to an insulin pump called Omnipod. Basically you wear this little pump device for three days and then take it off any put a new one on. Occasionally if one goes bad or you intentionally let it expire, it will let off a death scream that is sure to get the attention of yourself and anyone within 5 miles :)

My youngest son and I are exploring starting a YouTube series where we come up with creative ways to destroy screaming pods. We've made two demo videos and now starting to do some long term planning and would LOVE some unique ideas on how to destroy a screaming pod. For the record there is a preferred method of inserting a sharp object in a little hole (like resetting some electronics) and it will stop. But I mean that isn't as fun as running over it with a car cutting it in half. Either way we are open to any cool idea you may have.

In case you want to actually hear what it sounds like you can watch this video. Head's up... it's loud and annoying.