Need a Nashville area guide for Mar 6-8 in the damage zones (1 Viewer)

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Bowdon, GA
I'm leaving Thursday to head to the disaster zone in and around Nashville. I'll be representing the National Storm Contractors Association and Storm Damage Services. I'll be seeing what property and business owners need and letting them know how we can help them. If you recall my Facebook post from a month or so ago where I mentioned how months and even years later, homes and businesses will often look like they did the day after the disaster. This is simply unacceptable. The NSCA is an association of licensed, professional, reputable, reliable and caring storm contractors. Using a network of contractors from the area and across the country, and a vast supply of resources and supplies, they make sure the process of getting a home or business repaired or rebuilt is as stress free, and quick as possible so people can get on with their lives. I'm proud of this organization and Storm Damage Services, and I'm more than happy to document the damage, talk with folks to see what they need, and get the process of repairing and restoring their property going as quick as possible.

If there is anyone in the Nashville area who has information about the hardest hit areas and how to access them, or would like to join me as a guide, I'd greatly appreciate it. Just PM me on Facebook Messenger or email me at [email protected]. I'll be in Nashville from Friday through Sunday.

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