Murder Hornets


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Lynchburg, Virginia
The so called, "Murder Hornets" have arrived in Washington State.

These hornets are about 2 inches long, they have venom that is so strong that multiple stings could be fatal. These hornets are taking out honey bee hives in a matter of hours. The bad part is that these hornets could take out most of the honey bee hives in 2 years. That's why we are trying to get rid of them so that way honey bee hives can get back to normal. You could say honey bees could end up in their own pandemic.

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I just read this on Facebook about murder hornets. Since it is on Facebook, I'm pretty sure it is true ;)


Katharina Davitt
6 hrs ·

Murder Hornets. The media needs to get murdered for fear mongering. So here is my take, since I have been on it for a year.
The story of the Asian hornet is blown out of the water. They found 4 colonies (only 2 were confirmed) last year in WA near the Canada border. I know the two beekeepers that were involved in the removal of the confirmed ones personally. They also found 2 colonies in Canada that were not related to the US colonies tested via DNA. The assumption is they came over on cargo ships fue to location. All colonies were eradicated. This year they have set trap, and citizens are also making traps to monitor. Not a single catch at this time. Asian hornets are not aggressive towards humans, but will defend their colony. Their natural disbursement or spread is 50 miles per year. That would mean a decade before we would see them here in southern Oregon. Transport on a vehicle is possible, but not likely. These hornets avoid civilization. They prefer forests to hide in. Food choice is other insects, like yellow jackets. Bee hives are an easy target for them. Beekeepers in Asia have learned to live with them.

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