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Wow. Didn’t see this one coming. $100,000 Bond.

According to the Trussville Police, on Dec. 4, a felony arrest warrant for Domestic Violence 2nd-Stalking was taken out on 49-year-old Prater of Moody. The bond was set at $100,000.
On Dec. 5, the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department along with the Moody and Trussville Police Departments served the warrant and Prater was taken into custody by St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department. The suspect was later transferred to the Jefferson County Jail.
Jail records indicate that the charges stem from an incident that took place on Nov. 29. Jail records also indicate that his current address is in Moody.


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I've heard from people with inside info that he's been a little "off" in the head ever since his days at 33/40.. apparently what lead to his firing back in April was actually a complete mental breakdown on his evening Facebook live segment when he went on a rant (it may have been expletive-laden at that) and shared personal info about his ex-partner who had just broken up with him that afternoon.. and he's had several incidents with women at the station sort of swept out of public view by management for years.. he has had some problems for sure, and this was just the final straw in a long line of incidents regarding women with him.. the fact that he is in jail with such a high bond is very much in the best interest of the general public.

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