Track-Trump March 23, 2017


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This afternoon’s scheduled House vote on the proposed Republican health care bill was delayed after it became clear support for the bill was insufficient. The current challenge facing negotiators is to address the concerns of the conservative House Freedom Caucus without alienating moderate Republicans. President Trump has reportedly demanded the House vote on the bill tomorrow.

The Congressional Budget Office also released its actuarial assessment of the revised bill, finding that while the changes made the bill more expensive, with an estimated deficit reduction of $150 billion over ten years, they did not improve coverage statistics, predicting that 24 million individuals would lose coverage in the same period.

According to previously unreported cables, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has ordered U.S. diplomatic missions to identify “populations warranting increased scrutiny” and to add additional screening measures for them in the visa application process. These instructions, which have not been announced to the public, encourage diplomatic personnel to form working groups to “develop a list of criteria” identifying these higher-risk persons.

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